Privacy Policy

This document contains the Privacy Policy for the domain and subdomains. Please notice this Privacy Policy can be overriden by an explicit statement at any resource on this website.

Google AdSense

This website and subdomains may use Google AdSense. This tool allows website publishers to include advertisements (ads) and be compensated on qualifying interactions between the visitor and the displayed ads.

An effort is put to keep ads relevant for the user, however these ads are ultimately selected by Google AdSense and then the usefulness or relevance to the resource being accessed may be reduced for some impressions.

Check Google AdSense website for tools at your disposal to control or limit the ads you see on this website.

This website may use cookies in order to allow advanced functionalities and enhanced user experience. There are two groups of cookies that cand be used: functional and analytic cookies.

Functional cookies are used to improve the user experience. They do not contain information that allow direct identification of an user on the Internet. Examples of such cookies are website theme choice, prevent submission of repeated forms. These cookies persist for a long time until deleted.

On the other hand, analytic cookies consists of an unique ID generated for the first time the website is accessed through the actual computer and web-browser. Then, this unique ID is kept until session end, allowing to track certain actions on the website and associate them with a session. Data on this cookies may be collected by the website in order to generate statictics and process them as a group (eg: most used functionalities and related pages according to navigation trends). Cookie data is not shared with third parties, meaning visitor information remains private and anonymous. Analytics cookies are deleted at the end of the browsing session, meaning a second visit would be considered to be a different session despite of being the same person.

It is acceptable that a visitor deny any or all kinds of cookies from this domain (eg: using browser built-in blocking mechanisms), taking into consideration that experience may be limited. By visiting any resources on this website you understand and accept these terms and recognize the existence of tools at your disposal to refuse the cookies generated by this website.

Usually the resources on this website have license terms attached to the work. If no license is available, you should consider that the resource is protected by a Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY). This usually means that you have the right to use the work present on this website given you attach some for of attribution to the adapted work. Recomendations on attribution:

  • (Preferred) Resource title/description along with direct web address to access it (eg: Some article (
  • Resource title/description along with domain ( (eg: Some article via
  • Resource title/description and author name (eg: Some article by André Silva)


Webserver logs are being generated each time resources are accessed/used. This information is being used with two main goals:

  • Prevent fraud and misuse of server
  • Analyze and correlate traffic with website resources

Informations on the log may contain you IP Address, location, date/time of access, resource accessed, duration, browser used, browser capabilities. It is acceptable to use some form of privacy protection tools (eg: use a VPN service to hide your real IP Address) given that such tools or actions do not interfere or intend to interfere with correct webserver operation.