This document contains the Privacy Policy for the domain and respective subdomains. Please notice this Privacy Policy can be replaced by an explicit statement at any webpage on this website.

This website uses cookies in order to allow some personalization of your experience. This includes (but is not limited to) preferences such as background colors, page display, pools, etc. Such cookies are used for personalization and in some cases for identification, eg: preventing sending duplicate data on a form. Identification cookies are cleared at the end of the browsing session. This means this domains does not use cookies in order to track individual actions of visitor in the website. Cookie data is also not shared with third parties, meaning visitor information remains private and anonymous.

Visitors are always allowed to use browser mechanisms to limit/stop cookies. It is acceptable that a visitor deny cookies from this domain, however that means the visitor would not have correct access (or at all) to some of the extra website functionalities.

By visiting any webpage on this website you understand and accept these terms and recognize the tools at your disposal to accept/refuse the cookies generated by this website.

Usually the resources on this website have license terms attached to the work. If no license is available, you should consider that the resource is protected by a Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY). This usually means that you have the right to use the work present on this website given you attach some for of attribution to the adapted work (eg: name of the webapge and direct link to it).


In order to optimize my website server logs are being generated each time a computer interacts with this server. I use this information with two main goals:

  • Prevent fraud and misuse of server
  • Analyze and correlate traffic with content

Informations on the log may contain you IP Address, location, date/time of access, resource access, duration, browser used, browser capabilities. If sharing this information goes against your will, you are allowed to use any acceptable form of protection (eg: use a VPN service to hide your real IP Address) given that such actions do not interfere or intend to interfere with correct server operation.