Todoist - Take control of your tasks

ToDo lists are one of the best frameworks to keep you focused on what needs to be done. See how Todoist can help taking your ToDo lists to the next level.

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Nowadays people have more time to enjoy life and choose what they want to do. Although these changes bring individual freedom, truth is in a modern life you are always expected to do something. You need to choose food and bring it to your home, need to pay for utilities, have to help someone with a common project, while you find time to work on things that really matter to you. Not an easy task.

For those who like to be organized, there are plenty of tools to help you keep track on what needs to be done. One example is the creation of ToDo lists. Basically, a ToDo lists consists of listing what needs to be done in a form of an action. For example, if you want to keep your dog happy, you may have several tasks like "take dog for a walk" or even "buy new biscuits for dog". These are things you can action on. ToDo lists are not anything new. It fact, take a look at the Benjamin Franklin's ToDo during the 18th century. Quite a busy day!

Example of a Benjamin Franklin daily schedule. The vertical squares contain a number representing the hour of the day and a description on what needs to be done at right (credits: Buffer)

The ToDo list framework is such a flexible concept that your can organize the way it is more convenient to you. My life is busy too and I use ToDo lists daily to keep track and achieve goals. My choice to store and customize ToDo lists was using an app called Todoist. Let's take a look on what this little app can do for improving your ToDo list game.

Todoist: a flexible ToDo lists app

Todoist brings you the traditional ToDo lists with several improvements. You start by adding your tasks, and on which dates they should be done, if there is a deadline. After it, you let the app work for you. You will get an overview on what's needed to do today and the days after. You can simply swipe or check a task after working on it. Tasks stay on the Inbox so that you can find them easily later.

So far no big changes to another ToDo list app, but keep reading to understand why Todoist is special and feature rich.

Organize and collaborate

At first sight, you may see no differences to any other ToDo app. However, Todoist is a very flexible option by not imposing you a way to work, so the app ends by working for your routine, and not the other way around. You can group tasks in two ways: using Tags or Projects. Tags are the most basic form of organization where you actual tag a tasks with one or more subjects (eg: vacations-planning or super-important-project). They come with colors so that you can distinguish them using search filters or visually in a list.

The other important and more powerful organization features is the capability to create Projects. By creating tasks inside a Project, you are separating them from your Inbox by creating a dedicated space. You can them rearrange by groups or even a Kanban style board, or add tasks with subtasks. This feature takes you to a finer way of controlling and organizing your work. Moreover, this feature is even better if you create a shared Project and invite other people to interact with it. This way you can create a small group and let each one organize and check the tasks that are available. Each tasks also allows others to leave comments on it and add attachments, so related discussion keeps on a single place.

Todoist tags and projects are the main organizations pillars to help you categorize and group tasks with similar contexts or priorities (credits: Todoist website)

Your tasks, visually

Regarding the visual features of the app, with Todoist you have access to your Tasks and Projects easily. You can swipe of check tasks, reschedule them for working when it is more convenient for you and get a daily alert on what's due on that day. It is possible to search for tasks, filter them by priority and see them on a simple calendar. Like organizing and grouping your tasks, you have a lot of perspectives on how to see what needs to be done.

And for those who don't miss the opportunity to customize the app, you can change the application theme as well as the application icon, and include a widget on the homescreen (for Android users).

If you are out of reach of your cell phone, you can also use any computer to control the tasks and interact with them just you can do on your mobile. The changes are synced among devices.

Customize the look and feel of the application to match your preferred colors (credits: Todoist blog)

Improve your ToDo game

An interesting functionality that comes with the application is the gamification feature. This allows to your collect points when interacting your tasks (eg: collecting points by accomplishing tasks or by using other app features). While there are no big prizes involved (you can get a symbolic theme after reaching a certain threshold), this will keep you motivated by letting you know how great you are doing by getting your stuff done and climbing up level after level inside the app.

Advanced features

While the majority part of the features is free to use, only requiring a sign up with an e-mail or Google Account, there are some particular features you may be interested in.

As a free user, you can create up to 5 projects to organize your tasks. However, if you use this app professionally or have a lot of things to do, it may be helpful to create additional projects to keep things organized, specially if you plan to invite other helping on your tasks. More advanced customization can be done with the upgraded version where you can choose from a plenty of application themes which synchronize with all apps and website. You can also get fine grained remainders for your tasks by choosing a specific time or physical location with the improved version.

An offer for you

The paid versions start from $3/€3 per month which discounted annual payment. However, you can get your first 2 months of Todoist Pro for free by using my referral code. You have nothing to lose: you can try the application upgraded features for two months out of charge and decide by yourself if that is a thing for you. Your tasks are always available regardless the plan you end choosing.

Personally, I recommend the app and the website, as I use them on a daily basis. I became better at handling my tasks, and got a better overview on what I need to do. If a day is particular difficult I just postpone the task for another day more convenient for me. The projects feature is excellent to keep tasks organized on small projects I'm working on instead of mixing up with daily random stuff I need to do.

Check out the Todoist website to see by your self the features and get your two months free for the Todoist Pro plan.