A fresh (re)start

The world is made of changes. My world is not any different.
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I always loved the idea to maintain a tool allowing me to share knowledge with the world. Some years ago I had a mission to spread the Portuguese language in the technology area, allowing people lacking English language skills to learn more. Nowadays, English is everywhere. I think a lot of people understands English and there are a lot of people learning it.

A new language

Given this, English is now the main language of the website. The blog posts written in Portuguese will still be here, however they are not listed directly from the menu. Those articles I translated from Portuguese to English have a link allowing to check the other language. If justified, I will still be publishing a Portuguese version of the content and update it altogether with the English one.

New conventions

Another change I would like to introduce is the merge with the old Blog and Wiki/Notes subsites. I decided to use Blog only for personal opinions and updates, while Wiki was intended to store technical articles. However, I now think all contents are suitable to stay under a single subsite, the Articles. This reduced server-side work and maintenance while still delivering a similar experience to the user.

Such changes in the application also allowed me to introduce the concept of “always updated articles”. This means I will put some effort to update a selection of articles if justified, regardless their original date. You will also be able to see the changelog when I update the article.

Also, now I finally adopted Docker! This means I can customize the software I use on the blog and deploy it easier, allowing me to test my website locally like it is a production environment. Docker is a great technology, and I’m happy to have a long-running project with it.

See you soon!